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iRobi Q is a media that provides new form of active serivce by combining the mobility of the robot and HRI technology with the content


  • Parent's Trusted Assistant Credibility
    - Attendance and emotional state
    - Real-time check learning outcomes
    - Smooth communication

  • Child's Learning Assistant Fun
    - Induces learning interest through robot
    - improves learning focus
    - Promotes self-regulating learning

  • Early Childhood Education's Learning Assistant Fun
    - Promotional function during student recruitment
    - Use the robot during events
    - Improved quality in education by r-learning

  • Teacher's Teaching Assistant Share Work
    - Induces learning interest through robot
    - Provides various educational contnets
    - Learning functions such as preparing class materials


  • Learning Contents
    Service to apply the regular early childhood education program into the lesson according to the 7th Educational Amendmen of Korea.
    : Seed Kinds/Children's Song

  • English
    Service to use high-level English lesson at the early childhood education
    : Child Edu/English Game

  • Amusement Park
    Service to induce children's curiosity towards robot
    : World of Fairy Tale/ Fairy Tale Puzzle/ My Friend Robot/ Photo Album/ Schedule Manager

  • My Classroom
    Various secondary teacher serivces that can help the teacher's busy work
    : Attendance/ Activity/ Gallery/ Learning Site/ Teacher

  • Introduction of the Kindergarten
    Service to promote the Kindergarten by a robot in the events such as Students Recruitment, Parents Invitation, etc.

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iRobi Q

iRobi Q